Week Of September 9th

Week Of September 9th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Thank you for listening to my reflections on the state of the Church these last two weeks. I thank you for your observations and your affirmation. Let us make sure that we use our prophet voice and insist on a root and branch reform of the institutional elements of the Church that have failed the innocent and us.

Now to a different look at the church…our own buildings! It seems like a decade ago I spoke to the parish after all Masses about the refurbishment of the Vestibule at SLdM (actually it was only about 14 months). These things take time, but in the vestibule you will see a set of artistic impressions and plans of the works we have over the next six months: the Vestibule refurbishment, the new disability ramp, and the re-concreting and stocking of the gathering area. All these are at the out to tender bidding phase. All of this work is covered by our building and maintenance fund.

There are also two wonderful artwork projects to which you can contribute donations, please, if you wish.

THE NEW STATUE OF ST LOUIS DE MONTFORT. This statue has been commissioned and has just been completed. It is a 5’5” white marble statue of our patron to stand outside the Church.

NEW ETCHED GLASS IN THE MAIN CHURCH DOORS. Etched glass will be put into them with symbols of our parish and our Catholic life. This will allow for much needed light to stream into the vestibule and the back of the Church, as well as at night shine out as a beacon of witness to the world.

Details of how to donate will be available at the exhibition at the back of the church or see me directly please. I’m excited!

God bless,

Fr Aidan Peter CJ

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter