Week Of September 2nd

Week Of September 2nd
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

In this week’s bulletin you will find my letter to the parish regarding the abuse scandals that have recently hit the Church. I ask you to read it carefully, and also the letter of Pope Francis that was in last week’s bulletin.

In response to the Pope’s  call to penitent prayer in the face of these criminal acts and for the support of the victims, I have designated the Month of September as a month of prayer in reparation for these sins. As St Paul tells us as quoted by Pope Francis, “when one is suffering we all suffer”.

At each Mass we will all kneel after communion and offer the following prayer:

Heavenly Father of Justice,

Compassion and Mercy,

We kneel before you

in shame,

in penitence,

and in reparation,

for the abuse perpetrated and covered up

by some clergy throughout your Church.

Renew in us a determination to be

a penitent Church of service

a community of love and gentleness,

a holy people set apart for you glory,

determined to

put things right,

defend the young

and support the abused and broken

We ask this in the Name of Jesus your Son

and in the cleansing and healing grace

of your Holy Spirit

 for ever and ever,


I also ask you take this prayer home on the cards provided and use it every day this month.

If you can, please come morning of adoration on Monday’s following the 8:00am Mass and also celebrate the Benediction at noon.

I will lead the Thursday Devotions with Dcn Robert at 7pm on 6th Sept. That first Thursday is always followed by an All-Night Vigil of Adoration ending with the First Friday Mass at 6.30am. Please come and spend some time throughout the night in reparation.

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter