Week Of September 10th

Week Of September 10th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

I want to thank you all for your wonderful financial response to the plight of those suffering from the Hurricane Harvey disaster. I assure you that your money will be getting to where it is needed quickly and directly via Catholic Agencies. If you were not able to give last week, please drop a financial donation in at the parish office and we’ll send it on straight away.

Such disasters make us take pause, for prayer, for tears and sometimes to question it all, and God.  Let us not think that “God did this as part of some huge divine plan”. To think this is to misunderstand God’s relationship with creation. To think this would be to think that God is a fickle and cruel God. The truth is we do not know why this happened in the larger scheme of things; it is a product of the world’s weather systems and these have been happening for centuries. So what is the appropriate question in the face of such events? Simply to ask, “What can I do?” or more theologically, “How does this happening want me to respond?”; “What love does I draw out of me?” Some people have gone out to help, construction workers, extra first responders and the like. We cannot all go but most of us can only respond with prayer and financially, and I know that you have done this with great compassion, so again I thank you.

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter