Week Of October 28th

Week Of October 28th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

We have just had a lovely Mass at the school. Fr John and Grade 8 took the theme of Mary and the Rosary. The month of October is traditionally the month devoted to witness through the Rosary and its reflections on the life of Christ. When we celebrate the rosary I’ve always looked at it this way: We continue the mission given to St John by Jesus from the Cross to take Mary as our Mother and turn to her with our hopes and dreams or sorrows and concerns.

There are now four different sets of mysteries that we can use. The traditional ones of the joyful, sorrowful and glories mysteries were added to by Pope St John Paul II when he promulgated the Luminous mysteries. The first three, tradition says, were to mirror the 150 psalms; three sets of mysteries of five decades each of Hail Marys = 150. All the mysteries are about the biblical revelation of Jesus’s life and ministry from his birth through his suffering, passion and death, to the wonders of the resurrection, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the affection for his and our Blessed Mother. Mary was a witness to these things; we accompany her in the Rosary through this biblical journey in prayer. In doing so, we honor Christ’s command to John the beloved disciples to take Mary as our Mother into our homes; by doing this we also become beloved disciples.

I will be away from the parish from 4th November until 30th. I will be in England for some Josephite meetings, my 40th anniversary school reunion (LOL), some “Summer Holiday” with family, and then meetings in Belgium and Rome for the Josephites. Hopefully, while I am away, the first phase of the Church project will begin including: the new disabled persons ramp, the new statute, some new lighting, and the total resurfacing and refurbishment of the Gathering Area. It is our intention try and finish all the external works before Christmas and commence the internal works in the New Year, to be completed by Easter.

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter