Week Of October 1st

Week Of October 1st
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:


Next Wednesday 4th October is the Feast of St Francis and by popular request we will have a blessing of pets / animals after the Elementary School Mass at 11.30. As with any gathering of our furry friends chaos can ensue.

So …if you wish to bring your pets please do so.

HOWEVER all dogs must be secured on a leash and all others be in an appropriate animal carrier so that they do not run away, fight or cause general mayhem! Also THINK carefully about whether or not your pet is temperamentally suited to such a gathering of animals. If they are exotic animals please make sure that they are properly caged. LARGER ANIMALS than a dog (eg sheep, goat, donkey, cow or horse) can only be brought along after you discuss it with me before Wednesday please.

ADULT OWNERS only will have the responsibility of owners please. Do not send your pet with your child to school. ADULTS must bring and take home their pets. Do not bring them to the Mass in the church ! SLdM has no responsibility for your animals whilst on site. We will gather in the Basketball courts.

It is important that we bless those beasts which share their lives with us. The centuries of relationship between human kind and animals is fascinating. Be they beasts of burden, farm animals for produce, or our house hold pets, we should honor them as part of God’s creation and show them respect as cohabitees in our homes and fields. Our concern for the plight of animals in distress is proper, would that the same degree of concern be given to our fellow human beings home and abroad too!

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter