Week Of May 6th

Week Of May 6th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

It is great joy that we give thanks this weekend for the over 120 children who receive first Holy Communion; it is always a sign of the ongoing growth and development of faith in our community. Please continue to pray also for the Confirmation candidates who will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit at the hands of Bishop Robert on the 19th of this month.

As you can see, development works are taking place at a pace and will continue to do so. The Rectory extension is taking shape, the concrete floor pan has been laid. We are also taking the opportunity to redo the bathrooms upstairs. On inspection, some of the plumbing has been leaking, the shower regulators keep blowing out and it is all no longer at code. This was a job earmarked for next year but the ex- tension work gives us a sensible opportunity for access through the ceilings that have been taken down.

The Vestibule project is progressing well. The final finish- es for the walls and the lighting are being finalized. I will put a display up for us all to see as soon as it is ready. The four “Great Doors” will be part-glazed, we are finalizing that work with the carpenter/glazier team. The glass will carry the parish motif and other Christian symbols and then flood the vestibule with much needed natural light. Later in the summer/autumn we will be putting in the new disabled person’s ramp at the front of the church off the parking lot. Our current ones are too steep for code and we are obliged to put this right. We are also commissioning a 5’ statue in white marble of our patron, St Louis de Mont- fort, to be placed on a pedestal in the turn that is part of the new disabled approach to the Clark end main gathering area entrance. Our great saint will be prominent and wel- coming all who come to worship and will look out onto the world proclaiming as he did the love of the Lord and his Blessed Mother.

We will in due course be asking for donations towards the statue and /or the new windows for the great doors.
Also we will have to remodel the gathering area. The trees have grown too big and they are lifting the gratings; their roots are causing major damage to the concrete and have created a crack in the stone and glass wall. So we will be trying to deal with this at the same time as the disabled ac- cess work.

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter