Week Of May 14th

Week Of May 14th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

We congratulate our 1st Holy Communion children who received the sacrament for the first time this Saturday. I want to thank their parents and especially their catechists for all the excellent work preparing them for this great day.

We have been thinking and praying about vocations recently, last week was Good Shepherd Sunday which traditionally has been a Sunday with a vocations theme. I’m happy to report that in the Congo our Josephite Brothers, Freddy and Jean-Marcel, were both ordained Deacons and we wish them many happy years in ministry. We look forward next year to them being ordained Josephite priests.

But today is Mother’s Day. What a great vocation!

This celebration started out as a day for all to go to Church honoring “Holy Mother Church” and it was known as “Mothering Sunday”. I have to say that I prefer that title to Mother’s Day because so many in our community, grand-parents, aunties, Dad’s and other family members etc., often have to take on some of the Mothering duties in a family for one reason or another. So we give thanks for all those who undertake the Mothering role in our parish and our families. Parenthood is a vocation and the vocation to bear children is one of the most profound we could think of. It is also wonderful that this celebration falls in the month of May traditionally devoted to our Mother Mary. Perhaps we could all offer a few extra Hail Mary’s this month for all our Moms.

Next weekend is our Parish Picnic at Pioneer Park (remember there is no 11.30 Mass that weekend but a Noon Mass at Pioneer Park.). It is also a chance for me to give thanks for my 25 years as a Josephite priest (the actual date is the16th). I can think of no better way to celebrate this important mile stone in my ministry than with the people God has called me to serve…that’s you!!! People have asked me what I want, my answer has been “No religious objects (I have enough and no foods, I’m trying to loose weight and no booze, I’m not really a drinker)”. If you want to make a donation pop it in an envelope marked “Fr AP’s Jubilee”. I will use anything I get for little projects, gifts and thank yous and other such things that I can quietly support…rather than my holiday fund!!”

God bless you and your families and especially all Moms.

Fr Aidan Peter, CJ

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter