Week Of May 13th

Week Of May 13th

Reflection from Pope Francis:


For her children, a mother is able to ask and knock at every door, without calculation; she does so out of love.  And I think of how mothers can also and especially knock at the door of God’s heart!  Mothers say so many prayers for their children, especially for the weaker ones, for those in the greatest need.

I am thinking of you, dear mothers; how often you pray for your children, never tiring!  Continue to pray and entrust them to God; he has a great heart!  Knock at God’s heart with prayers for your children.

When a child grows up, becomes an adult, he chooses his path, assumes his responsibilities, stands on his own two feet, does what he likes, and at times he can also go off course.  A mother has the patience to continue to accompany her children, always and in every situation.  It is the force of her love that impels her; a mother can follow her children on their way with discretion and tenderness and even when they go astray, always finds a way to understand them, to be close, to help.

We——in my region——say that a mother can “dar la cara”.  What does this mean?  It means that a mother can “put on a brave” for her children; in other words, she is always motivated to defend them.  I am thinking of the mothers who suffer for their children in difficult situations; they keep on loving them.  Mothers often suffer humiliation, but they are not afraid; they never cease to give of themselves.


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