Week Of June 30th

Week Of June 30th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Some of you have heard that I had a nasty fall and ended up with some stitches in my right shin…ouch! It is healing OK and the fact I had a week’s retreat meant that I could put my leg up helped a lot. Thank you for your concern and prayers and for those who picked me up off the ground and sorted me out.

This weekend we are celebrating our re-scheduled parish picnic here at the parish softball field. This is always a great event for the parish and I hope it will be again this year. We thank the Knights, the Youth leader’s team, Joanne Plummer and the parish staff for all their involvement in setting this up. We also thank Robert Bonilla for the loan of tables and chairs and the corn and salads.

At the 11.30 Mass we will be honoring all our musicians for their ministry with us. We will be especially honoring George Majoue who is retiring from his role as music Maestro for the 11.30 Mass. George and his wife will be retiring and moving in 2020; their departing will be for us a great loss. We wish them well.

You will note that we are back in green, ordinary time. Whilst we are not in any major season, each Sunday is itself another Easter Day so we must continue to offer full praise and worship every mass.

This Thursday is Independence Day; I wish you all a happy national feast day. I’m afraid I will not be with you this year as I will be in the air flying to Europe. I have a week long meeting in Belgium as Vicar General of the Josephites; then I have the two weddings of my two nieces, Catherine and Lily, one week after another. A lot of family fun will be had no doubt!

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter