Week Of June 17th

Week Of June 17th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

This weekend we celebrate Fatherhood. Dads are essential as part of that cradle of life, faith and security in the home. A Father’s essential and coequal partnership with his wife is rooted in the love of the Trinity. The Spirit of God’s love outpours on the world. The love of parents must outpour on their children.

I offer you some words for Fathers by Pope Francis.

“I ask for you [Fathers] the grace to be ever close to your children; allow them to grow, but be close! They need you, your presence, your closeness, your love. May you be for them as St Joseph was: guardians of their growth in age, wisdom, and grace. May you guard them on their journey: be educators and walk with them. And by this closeness, you will be true educators.”

“To grow in age, to grow in wisdom and to grow in grace: this is the work Joseph did with Jesus, to help him grow in these three ways, to aid his growth. Dear brother and sisters, Joseph’s mission is certainly unique and unrepeatable, because Jesus is absolutely unique. And yet, in his guardianship of Jesus, forming to grow in age, wisdom and grace, he is a model of every educator, especially every Father. St Joseph is the model of the educator and the dad, the Father. I therefore, entrust to his protection all parents, priests – who are Fathers – and those who have an educational role in the Church and in 

The Holy Father says it all so well!

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter