Week Of July 23rd

Week Of July 23rd
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Father Aidan has left us with this reflection from Pope Francis:

“Put on faith”: what does this mean? When we prepare a plate of food and we see that it needs salt, well, we “put on” salt; when it needs oil, then you “put on” oil.  “To put on”, that is, to place on top of, to pour over.  And so it is in our life, dear friends: if we want it to have real meaning and fulfillment, as you want and as you deserve, I say to each  one of you, “Put on faith”, and life will take on a new flavor, life will have a compass to show you the way.  “Put on hope,” and every one of your days will be enlightened and your horizon will no longer be dark but luminous.  “Put on love,” and your life will be like a house built on rock; your journey will be joyful because you will find many friends to journey with you.  Put on faith, put on hope, put on love!

But who can give us all this?  In the Gospel we hear the answer: Christ.  “This is my Son, my chosen one.  Listen to him!”  Jesus brings God to us and us to God.  With him our life is transformed and renewed, and we can see reality with new eyes, from Jesus’ standpoint, with his own eyes.  For this reason, I say to every one of you today: “Put on Christ!” in your life, and you will find a friend in whom you can always trust; “Put on Christ,” and you will see the wings of hope spreading and letting you journey with joy towards the future; “Put on Christ,” and your life will be full of his love; it will be a fruitful life.  Because we all want to have a fruitful life, one that is life-giving for others.

                                                         Pope Francis


May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter