Week of July 23, 2023

Week of July 23, 2023
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Fr. Aidan Shares:


And joy is everywhere; it is in the earth’s green covering of grass; in the blue serenity of the sky; in the reckless exuberance of spring; in the severe abstinence of grey win- ter; in the living flesh that animates our bodily frame; in the perfect poise of the hu- man figure, noble and upright; in living; in the exercise of all our powers; in the ac- quisition of knowledge; in fighting evils; in dying for gains we never can share. Joy is there everywhere; it is superfluous, unnecessary; nay, it very often contradicts the most peremptory behests of necessity. It exists to show that the bonds of law can only be explained by love; they are like body and soul. Joy is the realization of the truth of the oneness, the oneness of our soul with the world and of the world-soul with the supreme lover.

Rabindranath Tagore, from “Sadhana”

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter