Week Of January 6th

Week Of January 6th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

This weekend we have the fortune of celebrating Epiphany on the Sunday. This great Feast, one of the many in this season of joy, reminds us of two things; firstly, that the Christ child, and through him the redemption promised by God, is for all peoples. This means there are no divisions between races and we must work all the harder for unity amongst peoples. Secondly, we must be givers in life of our talents, time and treasure.

It is interesting to note that in art there have been two schools of depiction for the Magi. One has them always as strong, grand men robed in splendor; the other has them as wizened men in tattered glorious clothes. This reflects the idea of the great men from the East on the one hand and the broken and degenerate world of riches on the other. Both views are in stark comparison to the innocence of Christ and the Holy Family.

Our world is both wonderful, beautiful and splendid (nature, medical marvels, music, the internet etc) and yet full of corruption and despair (poverty, violence, political corruption and…the internet!).  We have to be agents of change through our faith in Christ. As the carol tells us. ‘What can I give him?…Give him my heart”
(PS: have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet?!)

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter