Week of January 31st

Week of January 31st
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

LFrAidanWritesImgast week, Jesus started his public ministry and today’s Gospel continues where last week left off. Jesus from the very start challenges the listeners, in this case so much so that they could not take it because he was hitting them between the eyes, confronting their entrenched positions, narrow views and complacency. He was being a prophet and they knew him as Joseph’s son they could not at first believe the gracious words they were hearing could come from someone they took for granted. As Jesus continues they become furious because they realize that he is being very critical in his use of OT examples to show them up. They bundle him out of the synagogue and try to get rid of him over a cliff. But in the melee he manages to get away. So from the outset the possibility of death accompanies Jesus. This reminds us that the Words of Christ are not just to comfort us but also the challenge us to a deeper following of his way to glory.
This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the parish Mission. It is given by another son of Joseph (a Josephite)…me…your pastor.who you are getting to know! So I hope you will be able to accept what I have to say, prophetic or otherwise, and don’t try and throw me off a cliff!
The theme is Mercy and the Mass. We will explore the structure and meaning of the Mass and its prayers and also reflect upon how it is the Thanks-giving Feast of God Mercy. Please do come so that I won’t be lonely up there!
God bless you, your families, and the week ahead

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter