Week of January 24th

Week of January 24th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

FrAidanWritesImgThis weekend at St. Louis (next week at St Anthony’s and San Ramon) we have the In-pew Exercise for the Together in Mission Appeal. I know that for some this is an intrusion into the liturgy. However, as one of my confreres is often wont to say, ‘Look at it this way”… The Homily is the time when the priest breaks open the word of God and helps us marry the scriptures we’ve just heard with the reality of the world we live in. The Gospel today is that wonderful start to the ministry of Jesus when he opens the Isaiah scroll in the synagogue and tells them that the Spirit of the Lord is upon him and he is going to inaugurate a wonderful era of good news and salvation for the poor, the disadvantaged, the oppressed and the marginalized. How better could we put that mission of Christ’s, which is our mission too, into effect than using some of our hard earned but nonetheless gifted wealth to assist our brothers and sisters in such a practical way? I do ask you enter fully into this process and be as generous and compassionate as I know you have been in the past. In this way we will be doing the thrust of the 1st reading “…allot portions to those who have nothing and are not prepared”.

God bless

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter