Week Of December 31st

Week Of December 31st
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Happy New Year!


Wishing you all a prosperous and holy 2018 ahead. May your families and friends grow in their love for each other and in faith.

2018 will face us with some interesting challenges as a parish. Hopefully…and finally…the building works in the rectory and the church vestibule will commence and be completed in 2018. We have some other projects to think about in the near future too – more on these later. Also the new multi-purpose hall/catechetics center at Los Alamos will start to come to fruition. In January our New Director of Faith and Family Formation (the DF3) will take up their post. Things move along.

We will focusing on Stewardship this year. The Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils have been reflecting on the needs of the parish and how we might meet them and develop. This means a thorough examination of the way forward for the next few years and then to look at how we can realize that vision with the involvement of you the parishioners’ time and talent, and yes, treasure too. To stand still in a hurricane is to be knocked over backwards or to put it another way if you just tread water facing up stream you will actually be flowing backwards. Part of the Catholic tradition is to be always on the go, responding to the realities of life today so that we can find more and more ways to reveal the glory of God. Catholicism isn’t a static life, it is an adventure in faith so I call upon all parishioners young and old, whatever your status in life make 2018 a great year of Catholic Adventure. So get in touch with your inner Catholic “Indiana Jones”!

God bless us in 2018!

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter