Week Of December 25th

Week Of December 25th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Well I hope you all having a great Christmas. Christmas is a season which goes on until Epiphany when the Magi arrive to bring the gifts. . Many cultures leave the giving of presents until this later date. So whether you’ve had your prezzies or are waiting for them I hope you have fun and even more so in the giving of them.

I want to take this opportunity to say some thank yous. Firstly I want to thank all those who have made this Church and our celebrations so good this year. I wish to mention the decorators both out side and inside for making our Church look so festive. Secondly, the choirs and musicians who have helped us raise our hearts and voices to the Lord in thanksgiving. All our readers and servers, ushers and Eucharistic ministers (especially those who take the Holy Communion to the home bound of our parish) undertake their ministry with care. We all thank the priests and deacons of the parish for their dedication and pastoral zeal.  The parish staff have worked very hard this season to make things go well from behind the scenes. Also thanks to the PPC, PFC, Consejo  and other groups for all your advice and activity throughout the year. We have received many gifts and goodies from parishioners at the Rectory, again a big, lip-smacking thank you for those!

Finally, we have to thank the Lord for his incarnate presence in our midst. His presence is transformative. We live in a darkening world and we must ensure that in 2017 His light, the light to the nations, is not dimmed but permeates every sphere of our lives and witnesses our faith to others.


God bless, Merry Christmas and every blessing to you and your families  for 2017,


Fr Aidan Peter, Fr John, Fr Alfred, and Fr Mark

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter