Week Of December 10th

Week Of December 10th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

This Sunday at St Anthony’s in Los Alamos there is much rejoicing. The Church is celebrating in style its Golden Jubilee; the Church was built in 1967. It has served the faithful of the English speaking community and the growing Spanish speaking community admirably.

The celebration will be presided over by Bp Robert Barron who as well as celebrating the Mass will also bless the new confessional (ably built for us by Dcn Chris Boeger following in St Joseph the carpenter’s footsteps). Bp Robert will also bless the repositioned Ambry for the Holy Oils and bless two new golden communion bowls. These all mark the Golden Jubilee.

For several years the community in Los Alamos which is growing fast has wanted more facilities. With the Bp’s approval it is hoped that we can launch our appeal to build a flexible hall/catechetics facility to cater for the needs of the community. Plans are in process and it will be designed to blend with the Church, creating a U-shaped set of buildings with a gathering patio in between. It will be a great sign of hope to the local community of the growing witness to the Catholic Church in the village.

Please offer a prayer of thanks giving for our daughter Church of St Anthony’s and the members of our parish who worship there regularly. May they continue to grow in faithful union with Christ.

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter