Week Of August 13th

Week Of August 13th
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

This weekend at the 9.30 Mass we will welcome five people who have been enquiring about joining the

Catholic Church and now want to proceed and join us. So this weekend we will celebrate the Rite of Wel- come. For me, and I hope for you also, this is always a moment to rejoice when we consider what actually is happening. These good people are searching for God and have found in our community a sense of place and an expression of Faith that is appealing; it is where they feel they are coming home. What does this mean about us? Well firstly, we must be doing something right because they like us! Secondly, it is a moment to reflect upon our own lives of faith. If our faith really is important to us then we should have the courage of our convictions to go out and invite others who we know might be searching for meaning, hope and a re- lationship with God. We should not just be a welcom- ing Church, which we are, but we do need to develop as an inviting Church. We cannot welcome those we have not reached out to and invited. We need to take Jesus as our example when he says to the young man searching for God, “come and see”.

A most successful Pilgrimage finished with a closing Mass at San Lorenzo Friary last Sunday afternoon. Pilgrims in great numbers enjoyed what is now a 20 year old parish tradition. Such an event does not just happen; many people helped organize the event, as always lead by Fr John. I will not single anyone out here for fear of forgetting someone but also the event was undertaken as an act of faith and love rather than for recognition. Although I did not walk the route (someone had to be in the parish!!) I can say as pastor that I am very impressed and indeed proud of the parish, the pilgrims and all the pilgrim supporters. It was a great witness to our faith along the byways of the canyons. Perhaps next year I’ll get a chance.

May God Bless You and Your Families,

Fr. Aidan Peter, CJ

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter