Week of April 16, 2023

Week of April 16, 2023
Fr Aidan Peter Writes:

Fr. Aidan Writes:

Our Easter Celebrations went so well because of a lot of hard work by many people: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Musicians, Servers, Decorators, Sacristans and Clergy. Thank you all for such great festivity. After the wonderful celebrations for Easter last weekend, we are called to reflect on the gift of the Resurrection in our lives. The Emmaus story, proclaimed last Wednesday, reminds us of what we should do with gifts in our lives. When Jesus ate with the two men on the road He TOOK bread, BLESSED it, BROKE it and SHARED it. This is the four-fold action of the Eucharist and is how we are to share all our gifts. We take them, thank God for them, and then release them from our possessiveness and share them with others.
The essence of the resurrection is the gift of new life through the mercy and forgiveness of God. This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, when we give thanks for this most life-giving, life-saving of gifts, the glorious mercy of God in our lives and the need we must have of sharing it with others.

We are presented in the Gospel this Sunday with the episode of Doubting Thomas. Let us have his ability to recognize when we need to search our hearts, to believe, and to proclaim our faith in such a pure way, “My Lord and my God”.

May God bless you and your families,

Fr. Aidan Peter, CJ

May God bless you, your families, and the week ahead,

Fr Aidan Peter