Safeguard the Children Presentation on Human Trafficking 4/27/17

April is Child Abuse prevention month and each year or parish’s Safeguard the Children Committee sponsors an evening for parents focused on keeping our children safe. ALL ARE WELCOME from our parish community & guests as well. This year’s topic is Human Trafficking and what we can do to fight it and keep our children safe. This year our event is Thursday, April 27th from 6:30-8:00pm  in the Parish Hall and our Guest Speaker is Sister Stella Enright DMJ, a Daughter of Mary and Joseph with years of experience in educating children and parents on a range of topics related to keeping children safe. Don’t miss out on this very informative talk. (This will be the final parent Faith Growth Opportunity for the RE year. Attending counts as a Faith Growth opportunity for RE parents of year 1 & year 2 Communion students. One is required each year.) For more information contact:

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