Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

 The Order of Christian Initiation is a restoration of the ancient practice of initiation into the Church. It is a process of discerning and ritualizing stages of conversion which lead to and through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist celebrated at the Easter Vigil.

It is the parish community, through its witness, worship, service and catechesis that offers the invitation and support necessary for men and women to be initiated into the Church. The Order is about conversion: a turning of the whole person to God. There are various stages during the formation in the gospel.

The Order is specifically for (a) those unbaptized persons over the age of 6 years old; (b) adults who have been baptized in another Christian church and now wish to join the Catholic community; or (c) those Catholics who were baptized as infants but received neither religious training nor any other sacrament.

There are four stages in the journey; every person takes his/her own time. The journey begins with the inquiry into what this Catholic community is all about. Then it moves into a first promise to learn about the way of Christ and the gospel. The third stage is the time of personal scrutiny and discerning what God asks of the individual. The fourth stage is the celebration of the Initiation sacraments themselves, the reflection on the sacraments just experienced, and the resolve to share the good news.

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