Parish Clergy

Rev. Aidan Peter Rossiter, CJ – Pastor

FrAidanImgBorn into a large Catholic family in Devon, England in 1959, Fr. Aidan Peter is the third generation of his family to be a Josephite Father and the fourth to be educated by them. After leaving St George’s College, he studied psychology and worked in the printing industry. He joined the Josephites in 1984 and after his theological and pedagogical studies was ordained in 1992. He has taught in British and American high schools, and for the last 17 years has been involved in Parish ministry whilst lecturing in practical liturgics at three British seminaries.

Fr. Aidan Peter comes to SLDM with a wealth of pastoral experience working in the poorest areas of London’s East End. He has served on several diocesan, national, and international ecclesial councils and committees. His areas of interest are liturgy especially liturgical music, homiletics, and presiding. At the request of Fr. General he gave up his role in the community in England to bring his experience over the water, taking up the post of parish priest here at SLDM. He also has interests in gardens, wildlife, cats, and steam trains!

Fr. Aidan Peter can be reached at (805) 937-4555 (Ext.106)/

Rev. Armand Bopda, CJ – Associate

FrAlfredImgFr. Louis Armand Bopda Toche was born in Cameroon (central Africa) on November 22, 1975, into a family of 3 boys and 2 girls. He grew up in the north region of Cameroon, where he encountered the Josephite Fathers who have worked there since 1999. After joining them in 2003, Fr. Armand left Cameroon for the D.R. Congo, where he trained to become a Josephite priest. He also spent 9 months (2008) in England completing his religious training program. After being ordained a priest in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo on March 20, 2011, Fr. Armand worked in Kinshasa (D.R. Congo) in the Josephites’ formation houses until 2018. Then, after 15 years in Congo, he came to St. Louis de Montfort as an associate pastor. He is so happy to be here, and he hopes that, with the grace of our Lord and the help of all the faithful of this lovely parish, he will be a “good instrument of God’s mercy” for His Glory and our salvation.

Fr. Armand can be reached at (805) 937-4555 (Ext.120)/

Rev. John Mayhew, CJ – Associate

Fr. John was elected Superior General of the Josephite Fathers and served in that capacity for 6 years, living in Belgium. He returned to California and St. Joseph H.S. for a short period before being assigned as Associate Pastor at St. Louis de Montfort.

Fr. John has also served as the Vocation Director, and Novice Master. He assumed responsibility for the Hispanic Ministry Program at St. Louis de Montfort, where he is also active in Adult Education, organizing the annual Pilgrimage Walk, and other activities.

Fr. John can be reached at (805) 937-4555 (Ext.105)


Rev. Alfred Verstreken, CJ – Associate

FrAlfredImgBorn in Belgium, Fr. Alfred went to kindergarten and grade school with Ursuline Sisters and seventh through twelfth grade at the Josephite school in Leuven (Louvain). After high school he joined the Josephite Fathers. After the noviciate in Geraardsbergen, he studied philosophy and religious studies at the Catholic University of Leuven and taught for two years at St. Joseph High School in Bulongo, Kasaï, Congo. He was ordained a priest in 1973.

After a short stint teaching religion at his alma mater, he was recruited by Fr. Charles and Fr. Bede to come to California to teach at St. Joseph High School in Santa Maria (1976-80). He then joined Fr. Campion at Pius X High School in Downey, where the Josephites had first started in California. Twenty-five years ago Fr. Charles invited him again, this time to Bishop García Diego High School in Santa Barbara. After spending so many years in schools, he became Fr. Ludo’s associate at Holy Cross Parish, and in 2016 came back to Santa Maria to become one of Fr. Aidan’s associates.

Fr. Alfred can be reached at 805() 937-4555 (Ext.109)/