Our Saint

St. Louis-Marie de Montfort

Louis Grignion was born at Montfort in Brittany, north western France, on January 31, 1673. As a child he developed an ardent devotion to Our Blessed Lady and at his Confirmation added the name Mary to his own. Henceforth he always signed himself Louis-Marie de Montfort.

From these early years his one ambition was the priesthood, and he was ordained a Priest on June 6, 1700. His life apostolate was entirely devoted to the poor and promoting devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Early in his priestly career, he founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom who, to this day, direct schools, orphanages and hospitals in various parts of the world.

The eighteenth century saw a rapid decline in religious belief and practice, especially amongst the poor. Louis-Marie became a traveling missionary in North West France under the direct authority of Rome. Pope Clement XI appointed him to this work and Louis-Marie was responsible to him alone. Sympathetic priests attached themselves to Louis-Marie and helped him in the work of combating the growing paganism of modern life. So was born the Company of Mary, better known as the Montfort Fathers, who carry on this work today. Louis-Marie died at the early age of forty-four on April 28, 1716. He was canonized in 1947 by Pius XII. St. Louis wrote many sermons, hymns, and poems particularly on Our Lady. His best known work is “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary” or “The Love of Eternal Wisdom.”

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Prayer to St. Louis De Montfort

Great Apostle and Lover of our Blessed Lady, St. Louis De Montfort, whose one desire is to set the world aflame with love for Jesus through Mary, we entreat you to obtain for us childlike, persevering, perfect devotion to Mary, so as to share in Mary’s faith, hope and charity, and to receive the favor we beseech you to obtain for us.