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Altar Care

Although the primary function of Altar Care is working in the church sacristy, this busy and modest group performs a wide variety of tasks. Come and join us any Friday morning after 8:00am Mass. All help is greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in participating in this ministry, contact Helen Kawaguchi at (805) 937-7387.

Altar Servers

It is a special privilege for a young person to serve at Mass. Parents should consider the serving of Mass as part of their child’s religious education and encourage their youngsters to strive to attain this goal. Youths in grade 5 and older may participate in this very special ministry.

To go to the altar server scheduling request form, click here.

If you have children that are interested in participating in this ministry, call the Rectory at (805) 937-4555.

Bereavement Ministry

“He whom we love and lose is no longer where he was before. He is now wherever we are.”John Chrysostom

The Bereavement Ministry team offers practical, compassionate and spiritual support during a family’s time of greatest crisis and confusion. At the time of immediate loss and grief, we are Christ’s hands and heart as we walk with the bereaved through the details of funeral preparations and the reception, as requested. We attempt to accommodate the families as they personalize the funeral for their loved one. The bereavement ministry provides greeters for the Rosary and the Mass. As a healing process, home visits to the family are encouraged during the first year. Because grieving is a process that is unique to the individual and takes time, caring notes are sent out several times a year to remind the widows, widowers, and families that they are not alone.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc., (Catholic Charities), is the social service arm of the Catholic Church within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The mission of Catholic Charities is to manifest Christ’s spirit by collaborating with diverse communities, providing services to the poor and vulnerable, promoting human dignity and advocating for social justice.


Catholic Charities strives to find permanent solutions to crisis situations by providing clients the tools and resources they need to achieve greater self-reliance and stability in their lives.  Services are provided to anyone who comes to the agency in need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age or religious belief.  Catholic Charities is an equal opportunity provider.


Catholic Charities, Santa Barbara County | Santa Maria Area includes, Casmalia, Garey, Guadalupe, Los Alamos, Orcutt, Santa Maria, Sisquoc, Tanglewood, Tepusquet Canyon and the Cuyama Valley.


Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation.  Catholic Charities receives no funding from the Archdiocese.  Your contributions enable us to provide assistance to those in need throughout all of Santa Barbara County.  To direct your support to our area, please note “CCSBC Santa Maria Area” on the memo portion of your donation.  Tax ID# 95-1690973


Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.   

If you would like to contribute your time, talent and/or treasure to this ministry, or if you or someone you know may need assistance, please contact us at:


(805) 922-2059


Please leave a detailed voice message with a call back number. 

Calls will be returned in the order received, as scheduling permits.



email us at:

Catholic Daughters

Catholic Daughters of the Americas is a national Catholic organization dedicated to prayer and charitable causes. To find out how the members of this organization contribute their time and talents to our local communities, please check out the website noted below.

Coming Home Ministry

This process is for the Catholic who has previously celebrated the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Eucharist, and is presently away from the Sacraments and regular Mass attendance.

The Church wants to reconcile with you and help you return to the table of the Lord and to an active Catholic life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Church also wants to help you return to your baptismal heritage.

For more information, contact Trent Benedetti at (805) 478-3035.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are key lay persons within the Church. They assist the whole community in the Communion rite. Their primary obligation is to assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion when priests and deacons are not available. In our parish, they assist in this sacred duty at each Sunday Mass and on any other occasion when they may be needed.

Eucharistic Ministers To The Sick

Pur Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick take the Body of Christ to parish members who are confined to their homes or local rest homes. This very special ministry of love incorporates the homebound elderly and ill members of our parish into a closer relationship with God and our parish family.

Fifty Plus Club

Our Fifty Plus Club provides an opportunity for senior citizens to become involved with their peers in social and religious activities including tours, cruises and, best of all, many new friends who care about you.

For more information, contact Pam Cosma at (805) 896-6045.

Food Pantry

Girl Scouts

St. Louis de Montfort church parish and its parishioners actively support Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts of the USA have impacted the lives of more than 43 million women since the organization began in 1912 and has contributed to success among girls and women by offering opportunities for personal and leadership development, exposure to role models and community involvement. Girls Scouts go camping, visit museums, care for environment, sell cookies, help people in the community and participate in exciting events. It provides a chance to explore the world and have a lot of fun at the same time.

No matter what age, girls learn the value and the fun of sharing experience with caring, trained adults to serve as mentors and models. All activities are designed with girls in mind to spark their interests, address their concerns, build their skills, and explore the world around them.

Greeters & Ushers

“This is how they will know that you are my disciples, your love for one another.”John 13:35

All parishioners should take turns to welcome their fellow parishioners, especially newcomers and visitors, at the church doors. This ministry is on a rotating basis and you determine the length of your commitment.

Our ushers are also part of the initial greeters to all who come to Mass at St. Louis de Montfort. They are identified by an “Usher” badge. Their contact with the parish family carries through the collection, offertory procession, Eucharist and dismissal at the conclusion of Mass.

Duties of Greeters:
A Greeter is a person or a couple of the parish who stand at the door and warmly welcome all who enter. A Greeter will normally be nicely dressed, identified by a Greeting Ministry button or a Welcome card, and positioned to greet fifteen minutes before the beginning of the Mass or meeting. The Greeter may stand near the entrance of the church.
The greeting is usually a spoken word such as “Welcome, ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello!’” and a sign of Peace such as a smile, a handshake or a hug.

Duties of Ushers:

  • To assist parishioners as needed
  • To ensure the environment (windows, heating, lighting) is satisfactory
  • To oversee the taking up of the Sunday offerings and to select families to participate in the Offertory Procession.

If you are interested in participating in this ministry, contact the Rectory at (805) 937-4555

Homeless Shelter Services

On the first Friday of each month, St. Louis de Montfort parishioners prepare and serve dinner to about 125 people at the Good Samaritan Homeless Shelter in Santa Maria.
This activity is extremely rewarding for those who prepare or purchase the food to be served as well as to those who server the meal. We are grateful to the wonderful parishioners who volunteer for this ministry.

By 4:00pm on the first Friday of each month, the food and drink is dropped off at the parish kitchen, which is then taken to the shelter and served to the residents.
The people who receive this gracious gift from you, include men, women, and children. They are extremely grateful and express their heartfelt thanks to those who make sure they get a nutrition meal.

Through the years, a number of families have been working very diligently in this ministry. They have been able to organize, plan, and serve the meals because of your generosity.

Just think: You can feed the poor like Jesus did from the comfort of your own home!

Juvenile Detention Ministry

The goal in the ministry of detention is primarily to communicate the good news of God’s unconditional love to youth in trouble . Because of their present environment and related emotional and psychological pressures, it is essential that youth in detention experience support and understanding of their struggle through the Church community. Our affirmation of their person, not necessarily their behavior, will invite them to grow toward a more positive self-awareness and acceptance of their person and potential. The Christian community must be their lived experience of the unconditional love of God. Our ministry in detention seeks to reflect a loving God and to enable the youth to experience the presence of God in their lives.

For more information, contact Carlos Soto-Gomez at (805) 934-3819.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus provide a wide spectrum of services within our parish and community. The Knights sponsor parish activities as the parish festival, parish picnic, pancake breakfasts, etc. Our parish council #11137 meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.


Effective proclaiming of the Word of God at the Liturgy is the responsibility of the person who serves as Lector. Anyone interested in this ministry will receive training in proper techniques, appropriate dress and delivery.

Legion Of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an action organization, an apostolate which is truly a lifetime vocation, and can be accommodated on a part-time basis. Legionnaires reach out from hearts that are tuned to the voice of the Spirit. They reach out into the hearts of the un-churched, those thousands of dear ones who deep down are longing for the encouragement, the warmth, the love of fellow Christians who live, not to criticize, but to heal.

Mary, the loving, concerned, always available one. Mary is the Legionary’s model. Legionaries act but are not activists. Works of active members are: visiting their auxiliary, or praying member; teaching CCD; visiting rest or convalescent homes; visiting shut-ins; Eucharistic ministry to the home bound; and the Legion’s choice work: door-to-door evangelization. Members are available to assist our pastor in whatever ways are requested. Membership is open to all practicing Catholics (men and women). The 1-1/2 hour meeting is held Friday afternoons at 3:30 PM in the school library. Our active works require two hours of your time each week.

Joining the Legion of Mary as an active member will help you:

  • To see Christ in others and to serve Him there.
  • To become a holier person within yourself.
  • To work hand in hand with Mary our mother.
  • To submit yourself to the Holy Spirit.
  • To do great things for God and for the salvation of souls.

Please consider this ministry as part of your sacrificial giving of time and talent.

For more information, contact Ann Sherry at (805) 934-1867.

Marriage Encounters

Those involved in the Marriage Encounter Movement aid husbands and wives in the development of a closer relationship with one another, with their loved ones and with God. Contact us for more information and weekend dates.

For more information, contact Sandra and Alonzo Talamantes at (805) 937-9788.

Monday Night Bible Study

Come join us Monday nights in Room 2 of the Parish Center. Starting each meeting at 7:00pm and closing with a prayer at 8:30pm, this group of 15-20 people utilizes the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible to come to a deeper understanding of Sacred Scripture. Please gather some friends and join us!

For more information, contact Stephen Stanley at (805) 937-1353.

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Music Ministries

The music ministries at St. Louis de Montfort provide those who enjoy singing with an opportunity to become involved in our church liturgy. Come and join us in joyful noise unto the Lord!

9:30 AM Choir

The 9:30 AM Choir is a small ensemble consisting of vocals and piano. This choir provides light contemporary liturgical music for worship and prayer.

Contact: Cath Rodarte at (805) 714-8514

11:30 AM Choir

The St. Louis de Montfort 11:30 a.m. Choir provides liturgical music from across the ages, including classic, traditional and contemporary compositions. This choir is always open to new voices joining together to enhance the liturgical celebrations. Voices do not have to be professional; the only requirement is a desire to lift one’s voice in song to God.

Contact: Jessica Sheaff at (805) 406-0116.

6:00 PM Choir

This choir helps our young adults and families pray as a community.

Contact: Monica Thayer at (805) 938-9966

5:00 PM Choir
Contact: Kathy Lester at (805) 934-1335

Hispanic Choir – 6:45 PM Saturday

The Spanish choir sings at the Hispanic Mass on Saturday evening, in bilingual liturgies, quinceañeras, and weddings.

Contact: Luis Perez at (805) 928-3246

New Horizon

New Horizons Support Group ministers to divorced, separated and widowed individuals. It is our goal to meet the spiritual, social and moral support needs of our Christian brothers and sisters. We support the members through the healing process with the anticipation of beginning.

We help our members get in touch with the loving Father after suffering the loss of a mate. We seek to integrate our members with the rest of the parish community so we may all become one family in Christ. The faith expression and doctrine is Roman Catholic.

For more information, contact Jerry Kipper at (805) 938-5338.

Prayer Chain

Respect Life Ministry

Mission Statement:
To proclaim with love the Gospel of Life so as to bring about a Culture of Life in our parish and community.
Work with relevant parish and community organizations to integrate Gospel of Life principles into the total educational, liturgical, and ministerial functions of the organizations.
Spiritual Objective:
Promote and participate in Pro Life prayer walks, prayers in front of abortion clinic, weekly adoration, and days of fasting.

Educational Objectives:

  • Organize and operate respect life educational booths at at community events.
  • Conduct Respect Life night with parish Confirmation classes.
  • Distribute NCCB Life Insight publications to local churches.
  • Stock and maintain Pro Life literature rack in church.
  • Provide speakers and programs on Pro Life issues to parish and community organizations.
  • Write monthly Pro Life articles for K of C Navigator newsletter.
  • Conduct press conferences and write media articles on Pro Life topics prominent in the news.
  • Distribute information on legislation related to Pro Life issues when requested by Archdiocesan Respect Life Office.

For more information, contact Dick McGreevy at (805) 934-9951.

Shine Community And Retreat

In 2019, the SHINE retreat will be held October 11th, 12th, & 13th. It is held at the church and is hosted entirely by Shine communities–More than 60 people, including priests & deacons volunteer their time and skills for the weekend. No overnights and no cost except for your time.

The SHINE retreat provides the opportunity to establish and rekindle a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to further the mission of our parish in establishing one family in Christ through the formation of small faith communities. This retreat is ideal for those 18 and older.

Wednesday Bible Study

Scripture classes are offered Wednesday mornings after the 8:00am Mass. Classes are approximately one hour and 30 minutes long and provide time to share on the following Sunday’s Scriptures. You are welcome anytime! A bible study course is also offered on Monday evenings from 7:30pm-9pm in Room 2 of the Parish Center.

For more information, contact Audrey Smith at (805) 937-1304.

Young Adult Group

  • Does God exist?
  • Does God actually care about me?
  • Is the Catholic Church relevant to the world today?
  • What does the Catholic Church have to offer me that I can’t get somewhere else?

This young adult group is for single and married adults age 18 – 39 that exists to be a community of fellowship which passionately seeks a closer relationship with Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church through study, prayer, worship, evangelization, and service.

Meetings are held Tuesdays at 6:30pm every other week in Lou’s Grotto (See calendar for dates).