To Access The Livestream From Your Computer, Tablet, Or Phone:

  • Visit the livestreaming page at
    • On computer web browsers, the stream will start playing automatically after the page loads.
    • On mobile devices, it may be necessary to tap the play icon on the video player to start the stream.
  • To access previously recorded streams, navigate to the “Previously Recorded Streams” table at the bottom of the page. Clickinging the name of any of listed recordings will start the selected recording playing in the video player at the top of the page.
    • To return to the live version of the stream, click/tap the red “Go Live” button at the bottom of the player.

If you need help accessing the livestream on your device, please can the Rectory at (805) 937-4555 or email and we will be happy to assist you.


To Access The Livestream Directly On Your TV Through A Roku Device:

  • A dedicated channel has been created on the Roku platform for streaming live video and past recordings directly to your TV.
    The channel can be found by searching for “SLDM Livestream” on your Roku device, or at
  • The top pane of the channel features the current livestream. To access past recording, navigate down to the second pane and use the right and left buttons to select a recording.

If you would like help setting up a Roku box to access the livestream, please call the Rectory at (805) 937-4555 or email We have Roku boxes already configured and ready for purchase (at a cost of $30), and will be happy to help you set this up at your location.

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