How Many Words to Say Thanks!

It is not easy to find words to express our gratitude to all of the people of our parish who came to the 49th Festival. It is harder still to find words to thank the volunteers (Debbie said at Mass, over 500 volunteers!!!) who worked, those that were here on Saturday and all of those who worked on Sunday. It is even much more difficult to express to Christine and Debbie the gratitude we must all have for their 5 years of leading the parish festival. Five years ago we were on the threshold of cancelling the festival, and they came to me and said, “we simply cannot cancel it – we will do it.” I don’t think they planned on a 5 year commitment! But it takes time to build up something that people will want to attend. All of their meetings with potential volunteers, talking, listening, talking to build a consensus, and to leave on Sunday around 6:30 (it only took a little over an hour to clean up, again thanks to many who stayed behind to help). And so now we look to the 50 , on Sept. 7, 2014. The full financial picture for this year’s festival will take a few days (if you have invoices to turn in, please get them to Debbie) to sort out. If you participated in the dime raffle, please come in and check to see if you won. We will have the information in the rectory office. But we know who won the $5000. And it was a pioneer of our parish, and she and her husband attend Mass regularly, and she “has never won before,”…so God bless Joan and Ed Korn.

Thank you, Gracias,

Fr. Charles

Posted September 10, 2013