Fr Aidan-Peter Gets Vaccinated – Please get vaccinated when you can!

Fr Aidan-Peter Gets Vaccinated – Please get vaccinated when you can!

After my negative CoVid19 test I was able to get vaccinated on Thursday morning. All the other Josephite Fathers were vaccinated the previous week (I couldn’t because I was awaiting test results).

I am posting this to support wholeheartedly the need for us to get vaccinated. I know some folk are a little vaccination averse, some have other objections for quasi political reasons and others raise some ethical questions. My response to these points are as follows:

The vaccination is like having your annual flu jab. None of the Josephites have had any side-effects. Every vaccination for any disease has a risk factor but the risks from this one are very small in deed and seem to better than most. It is safe to take this vaccine.

Some folk don’t like this for political reasons. This virus is terrorizing us. It knows nothing of politics, the constitution, the Bill of Rights or our freedoms. If you get the disease badly it will curtail your freedoms perhaps permanently. As our Holy Father, our bishops, and many others in places of trustworthy authority regularly point out, the benefit should not be seen simply on a personal level but on a communal level. All of us should all take this vaccine when we are afforded the chance. For it to be effective about 85% of the population needs to be vaccinated and in prompt measure. We should take this vaccine for the security of our personal, communal and national freedoms.

Some people have raised some ethical questions about the manufacture of these vaccines. The Holy Father Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict have just been vaccinated and have issued statements in support of vaccination saying that there are no ethical/moral objections to Catholics or anyone else in taking these vaccines. Indeed they both say there is an ethical imperative to do so for the love others. It is morally right to be vaccinated.

So please I do ask you and encourage you as your pastor to get vaccinated as soon as you can.

God bless, Keep safe sane and hopeful Fr A-P CJ