Feast Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Celebration On December 12th

4:30 am Songs and Aztecan Dancers
5:30 am Coro Peregrino and Mañanitas (Morning Songs)
6:30 am Bilingual Mass
Mary, the Mother of God, appeared on Tepeyac hill, in Mexico City in 1531, asking San Juan Diego for a chapel to be built. On December 12 she left as a pledge of the seriousness of the request, that most beautiful image we all know on the rough burlap cloak (tilma) of San Juan. Bishop Zumárraga built a chapel, and the cloak with the image was exposed there for all to see. San Juan was able to show the Indians that in fact this was the image of the Mother of God, who lives forever in heaven, rather than the repulsive statue of Tonantzin which required human sacrifice to keep her alive. There followed a huge wave of conversions, unprecedented in Church history: 8 million in 10 years. Note: Fatima was in 1917, Lourdes in 1858, Guadalupe 1531.

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