Year II Retreat Information


When(Group A) Friday, Nove 2th – 4th


Where –      San Marcos Christian Camp

5750 Stagecoach Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 967-5773

A bus from Student Transportation of America will pick us up at St. Louis de Montfort’s Parking lot on Friday, November 2nd and they will take us to San Marcos Christian Camp. We will be leaving at 5:30pm from SLDM. Please arrive no later than 4:45pm at St. Louis de Montfort Parish Hall for processing. Student Transportation of America will bring us back to St. Louis de Montfort on Sunday, November 4th at 6pm.


What to Bring

Sleeping bag, pillow, coat or jacket, warm clothes, clothes for games, towel, toiletries, flashlight, water bottle, and a positive attitude.


What not to Bring

No cell phones or cameras-In order to protect everyone from cyber bullying and predators, we will be collecting cell phones and cameras before leaving to the site. We don’t want anyone taking inappropriate pictures in the cabins or showers. Also, a cell phone is a distraction for the retreat.

-No ipods, handheld video game console, or any other electronic devices.

-No alcohol, drugs, sharp objects, explosive or flammable materials or other dangerous items.

-No snacks- We will be providing snacks.

*There will be a bag check before getting inside the bus.



All Medications must be turned in during processing.

-Candidates are responsible to notify us when they need to take their mediation.

-In case any candidate needs to take any over the counter medication, we will be contacting the parents first for approval.


*Please make sure you eat dinner prior to leaving St. Louis de Montfort’s parking lot. The camp site does not provide dinner on Friday night, so we won’t have dinner, only snacks. We will be providing snacks. We are not allowed to have any snacks in the cabins, so we are going to ask you not to bring any snacks with you. We have had a problem with raccoons going inside the cabins looking for snacks. Thank you.  -If you have any questions regarding the retreat please email Luis Oros at or call at 805-937-0701


Nov 02 2018 - Nov 04 2018


4:30 am - 6:00 pm