Confirmation Year 1: Empowering God’s Children & Young People Safety Program Archdiocese of Los Angeles March 11

Confirmation Year 1: Empowering God’s Children & Young People Safety Program Archdiocese of Los Angeles March 11
All parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are required to provide for the safety of all children and teens under 18 when they are in the care of the parish or school. There are several aspects of the safety plan including Protecting God’s Children training, finger printing and background check of all employees and volunteers as well as a safety program for all children and teens annually called “Empowering God’s Children & Young People”. This program includes a variety of lessons to teach them to stay safe. 
This training is NOT OPTIONAL as the Archdiocese mandates ALL parishes and schools to hold the training annually in all programs and grade levels.
The training for ALL year 1 Confirmation  process will be held during our next session MONDAY, MARCH 11th starting at 7:00 in the parish hall. Please complete the attached permission slip and send it to me via email or with your son/daughter to the session on 3/11. Please note that your teen would not be allow to sit through this training/program if he or she does not submit the permission slip. 
We will be covering lesson Three Year Cycle – Boundaries & Bullying
Overview of Lesson Plan: 
Principle: Helping children [teens] identify their own personal boundaries and how to keep themselves safe if someone crosses their boundaries making them feel uncomfortable, scared or confused. 
Catechism: #355 “God created man in his own image”. 
                   #356 Of all visible creatures, only man is able to know and love his creator. 
Goal: To assist parents, guardians in teaching their children how to identify and establish personal boundaries that will empower them to protect themselves form any situation that make them feel uncomfortable, scared or confused. 
Objectives:  Define personal boundaries
                       Understand five Body Safety Rules to protect themselves from unsafe adults
                       Know what bullying is, what to do if someone bullies them, and tell a safe adult if bullying occurs.
                       Technology Component: Discuss how cyber bullying violates personal boundaries.
                      Understand that cyber bullying is harmful and should be reported to a parent/guardian, or other safe adult. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this mandated annual training please contact Luis Oros at 805-937-0701. Thank you.