Confirmation Mass Dates!!!

Confirmation Mass Dates!!!

Blessings everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I’m sending this email because I’m happy to announce that we finally have the dates  for our Confirmation ceremonies. Due to the the current situation, Confirmation will look different this year. A couple of things are going to be happening. First, Fr Aidan, our Pastor, has been given delegation through Bishop Barron to celebrate Confirmation. This means that Fr Aidan will be celebrating the sacrament and we will not have a Bishop. I know that many of you may be disappointed to hear this. However, please remember that it’s not the Bishop that gives you the sacrament, but the Holy Spirit. He will work through our priest just like He works through the Bishop. Second, due to the capacity restrictions, we will be having four celebrations in total for candidates, parents and 1 sponsor only . This means that unfortunately any other family members or friends will not be allowed to attend due to the restrictions.  The dates are as follows:


Friday – July 17th @ 6:30pm – 12 Candidates Only (6 will come for Fr John Adult Confirmation)

Friday – July 24th @ 6:30pm – 20 Candidates Only

Friday – July 31st @ 6:30pm – 20 Candidates Only 

Friday – August 7th @ 6:30pm– 20 Candidates Only


Please choose a date for your Confirmation and call me or email me ASAP with the date of your choice. Please note that the date of your choice will be permanent and you will not be able to change it. Remember, first come first serve. Restrictions will still apply: mask, social distance, no sign of peace, Eucharist under one species, etc.


Sacrament of Reconciliation for Candidates


The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated for all candidates Thursday, the day before your Confirmation date, at 6:30pm in the Church gathering area. Dates are as follows:


Confessions will be July 16-For July 17

Confessions will be July 23- For July 24

Confessions will be July 30- For July 31

Confessions will be August 6 – For August 7


I will be giving more information regarding other details such as rehearsal (If we have it), dress code, etc. If you have not turned in your saint report, you must email it to me 4 months ago. If I don’t get it by next week, unfortunately I won’t be able to add your saint name on your Confirmation Certificate or Sacramental Records.


If you have a balance for Confirmation Year 2, we ask that you please make the payment as soon as possible. Fr Aidan will be sending letters to remind individuals about balances. Please be mindful that your registration payment covered the cost of your Year 2 Retreat, so we need to have all payments in.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. God bless.