Each year the Archdiocese provides the opportunity for men to apply to become a Deacon. In our parish we are blessed, but as the process takes a full year of discernment, and then a 5-year program we need to plan for the future. The full requirements of what is involved will be explained in an Orientation session on SUNDAY, MAY 31 from 2-4pm at St. Raphael’s Church in Goleta. Wives must accompany their husbands. The first year will include interviews, testing, and evaluation to help the Archdiocese discern who can enter the 5-year program. It is important, if you are interested, to talk to a priest here in the parish, to talk to one of the deacons, and of course to pray and discuss with your wife. You cannot be over 60 and must be 35 at the time of ordination. How many men can enter the program and what else is involved will all be explained at the orientation meeting.

Posted March 17, 2015