African Appeal Update

African Appeal Update

This is a follow-up for the African Appeal by our DMJ Sisters Odile and Rosemary this summer. Thanks to your generosity, ($14,000) Coloma School is flourishing!

Dear Catherine,

Good morning! Happy New Year 2015!

In my last communication, I mentioned that Coloma children had sat for the State Exams. The results are out. The over all result of the school was 21/25 got first grade and 4 got second grade.

Just a little bit of explanation on grading:

At the end of primary seven, pupils sit their first major national exams – the primary leaving examinations (PLE). Presently PLE has four examinable subjects – English language, mathematics, science and social studies. The best possible mark pupils can achieve is a total of four (which means one point – a distinction – in each subject), while the worst is a total of 36 (nine points for each subject, which means a fail).

Students with between four and 12 points pass the PLE with a first grade, or division one. Those with scores between 13 and 23 get a second grade; 24 to 29 get a third grade, while those with 30 to 34 pass with a fourth grade.

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