A Prayer for the Josephite General Chapter

A Prayer for the Josephite General Chapter

Adapted for use in the parish of St Louis de Montfort
Please say this prayer daily from 10th July until 23rd July


Come Holy Spirit, breath of Life and strength of God,
Grant your seven fold gifts.
Lead the Josephite Congregation during their chapter along new paths.
Give life to the seeds that we have already sown,
Nourish them and help them grow.
Give the Josephite Community your light to guide and protect them
Give them faith and courage, wisdom and discernment.
Show them each day the direction they should take
And the decisions they should make.
Give them peace and bless them with vocations
So that they may continue to build up your Kingdom.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Congregation
Protect them we pray
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Watch over them we pray
Venerable Founder, Constant van Crombrugge
Inspire them we pray

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen

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