THEME: ROCK AND ROLL—please dress up for the occasion

IMPERSONATORS WANTED: Looking for ELVIS impersonators. Know anyone?

DIME RAFFLE: new items are needed for the dime raffle. Do you have a gift you received and do not want? Did you purchase an item and realize you don’t really need or want it?

How about putting together a gift basket (movie basket, bath basket, candy basket, etc.)? Any new item, big or small, is needed. Please drop off items at the rectory by the middle of August and label them DIME RAFFLE.

RAFFLE TICKETS will be mailed the first week of July. Watch your mail for your books and a chance to win $5,000 CASH! Additional tickets can be obtained from the rectory.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 4th grade class at St. Louis de Montfort for winning the raffle ticket sales competition. And a very special thanks to Chloe Simas for selling the most tickets of any student. Thanks to Mrs. Urbano and Kathy Crow for your help and support

FOOD BOOTHS: do you like to cook? We are looking for some additional food booths for our festival. Email Yolanda Charette at Charette@verison.net if you would like to set up a booth. Be unique and creative.

PLANNING MEETING scheduled for June 26 at 7pm.
Come join us and bring your ideas and suggestions.

DO YOU HAVE TALENT?—it’s time to ROCK AND ROLL at the St. Louis Talent Competition.
Signups begin this week for the first 30 contestants that enroll.
First prize is $500 CASH so now is the time to strut your stuff.

Please email Cath Rodarte at carandccn@aol.com for your application.

Also taking applications for the new SIDEWALK ART CONTEST— now is your chance to draw that masterpiece for everyone to see. We only have space for 50 contestants so sign up early. Please email sr.catherine@sldm.org.

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